Due to an unforseen emergency (1/21/2015), shipment of internet orders will be delayed this week. Orders will be assembled as they are received, and will be shipped as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


The Button Emporium




belady We are proud to offer our button galleries of precious metal, porcelain, bone and other materials, as a sampling of our inventory. These handcrafted buttons of quality material and craftsmanship afford us a window to our past and opportunity for our future.

Be sure and stop by our store to see the extensive inventory which includes thousands of buttons, embroidery silks, patterns, fine laces,  and raw silks.

Buttons, Ribbons, & Trims...

Whether your interest is in buttons or ribbons to enhance embroidery, fashion design, decorative quilting, doll making or precio-us button collections, you will find that The Button Emporium has many treasures for you to discover.

JHB special orders contact us here. 

Featured Galleries

New! Bulk Agoya Buttons

Bulk Agoya Shell

New! Agoya shell buttons in several sizes by the ten or gross.

Big Rounds

Big Rounds

These are great on sweaters and bags. Stack smaller buttons on top, or leave them plain!

Sterling Silver and Gemstone

Sterling Silver & Gem

Custom designed buttons with real gemstones.

Bulk Buttons

Bulk Buttons

Colorful and simple buttons for crafts and clothing!

Romance Clasp

Metal Clasps

Sew-on metal clasps in both antique brass and silver finishes.

Sheer Stripes

Sheer Stripes

These are beautiful as fairy wand streamers or on a gift...

Best Sellers

Crochet Heart

 ORGreat trims for your special projects... 

By popular demand: JHB Trifoile buttons in two sizes. Order | Gallery

Sea Green Bubbles

Transparent textured glass green button. Order | Gallery


The Button Emporium
1016 S.W. Taylor Street
Portland, OR 97205
Directions to our store.

Store Hours:
Tue thru Fri: 10:30 – 5:30
Sat: 11:00 – 3:00
Sun & Mon: Closed

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