Moiré Ribbon Ribbons

Moiré was traditionally a silk fabric that has a wavy or watered appearance to it, imparted to it by a process called calendering. Silk fabric thus treated was sometimes called watered silk.

Our moiré ribbon is the perfect touch of added luxury to your project! It has a fabulous hand to it and gorgeous, rich color saturation. These ribbons work beautifully for millinery, apparel, historic clothing, etc. and are a subtle touch of elegance for whatever you use it for.

Available in three widths; 2", 3", and 4”. 100% Rayon. Imported from Germany.

These ribbons are priced by the yard. 1yd.= 3ft. U.S. or 0.9144 meter (91.44 cm) Simply enter the total yardage you wish to purchase. Stock limited to quantities on hand.

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